• Students Go Head-to-Head in Robotics and Soapbox Racing
  • Their robots pick up balls and barrels, their soapbox racecars zoom down hills and their spoken word poetry echoes the roots of hip-hop. All creations of City Schools middle grades students, these are the end products of a month of problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration in the district’s 2011 Grand Prix of Summer Learning.
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  • Students Think like Engineers—and Design Homes for Hermit Crabs
  • Students build habitats for hermit crabs.“Hermit crabs are scavengers and will eat whatever you give them,” explains Khamryn Harvey, a 2nd grader at Waverly Elementary/Middle School—and a participant in Baltimore City Public Schools’ Summer Learning STEM Program.
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  • From custom-made habitats for hermit crabs to motorized boats that clean up oil spills, the culminating projects of students in City Schools’ four-week STEM program reveal top-notch thinking and a summer full of learning.
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  • After years of hard work and studying, Northwestern High School junior Nandkumari Behari just earned certification as an entry level networking technician through CISCO. 
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August 29

First Day of School


September 5

Labor Day (Schools Closed)


September 13

Primary Election Day (Schools Closed)


September 23-25

Baltimore Book Festival

October 2

Ultimate Block Party